‘What hope is there?’: five readers on being failed by mental health services | Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh

One of the young women in the house was an alcoholic, she must have been 17 and her mental health had deteriorated. Drinking was not allowed at the house, which she knew, but she went out one night to a pub and drank. She came back after the rest of us had gone to bed. We only found out the next day that the staff had refused to let her back in the house. It was January and this young women slept outside, she had nowhere else to go.

That experience made me incredibly angry, but when you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health problem people stop listening to you. This young women had no one to complain to and though the rest of us complained, we were told it was being “managed”. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only example of poor staff conduct that I witnessed.

– Anonymous, 27, from London

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